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Digital Skills Transformation - a high-level diagnostic

Digital Skills Transformation - a high-level diagnostic
This brief survey is designed to give you a quick, high-level view of where your organisation currently rates on considering the key elements of skills, culture and talent in its overall digital transformation.  An organisation's digital transformation is not just about technology and digital channels but how well it enables its people to understand and embrace digital.
* Digital Skills Transformation Survey
  Definitely Not Not Sure Partially Definitely
Digital Strategy is in place for the organisation and has a key part dedicated to Skills Transformation.
Skill requirements are updated with an eye on emerging technologies and horizon scanning.
New digital skill sets are now included in all role profiles across organisation.
Role profiles for new digital roles, eg, Performance Analyst, are in place and contain required skill sets.
Skills assessments have been completed across the organisation and digital skill gaps are known.
Development plans are in place to address digital skill gaps on individual and team levels.
Skill development supports the right culture, eg, skills around collaboration and innovative thinking.
Collaborative learning is encouraged and supported through tools, platforms and virtual communities.
Wikis, forums, videos and other forms of social media are an active part of learning journies.
Leadership is digitally fluent and promotes the skills of collaboration and experimentation.
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