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Digital Culture Transformation - a high-level diagnostic

Digital CultureTransformation - a high-level diagnostic
This brief survey is designed to give you a quick, high-level view of where your organisation currently rates on considering the key elements of skills, culture and talent in its overall digital transformation.  An organisation's digital transformation is not just about technology and digital channels but how well it enables its people to understand and embrace digital.
* Digital Culture Transformation Survey
  Definitely Not Not Sure Partially Definitely
Digital Strategy is in place for the organisation and has a key part dedicated to Culture Transformation.
Collaborative environment is created, eg, more ad hoc meeting areas, team whiteboards.
Collaboration tools and platforms are used, eg, virtual communities.
More agile project management approaches are used.
Multidisciplinary teams are in place to innovate and iterate products & services.
A culture of experimentation and 'fail fast' is encouraged.
A culture of trust, openness and constant feedback is encouraged.
New ways of working and new ways of learning are promoted.
Organisation has moved more towards a flat hierarchy and rapid decision making.
Leadership embrace and drive a digital workplace, eg, collaboration and innovation.
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