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Digital Talent Transformation - a high-level diagnostic

Digital Talent Transformation - a high-level diagnostic
This brief survey is designed to give you a quick, high-level view of where your organisation currently rates on considering the key elements of skills, culture and talent in its overall digital transformation.  An organisation's digital transformation is not just about technology and digital channels but how well it enables its people to understand and embrace digital.
* Digital Talent Transformation Survey
  Definitely Not Not Sure Partially Definitely
Digital Strategy is in place for the organisation and has a key part dedicated to Talent Transformation.
Approaches are in place for attracting the right digital talent.
HR has new ways of recruiting and selecting the right digital talent, eg, use of social media tools.
Required digital skill sets are documented and targeted for in the job market.
Approaches are in place to retain digital talent, eg, innovative, collaborative environments.
New career pathways and updated reward packages for digital roles are established.
Pipelines for future digital talent are supported through high-potentials identification, development plans and recruitment.
Pipelines for future digital talent are augmented through apprenticeship and graduate placement schemes.
Digital Leadership programmes are in place to train leaders on a digital mindset.
Leadership has an understanding of the critical role of digital in future business growth.
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