Don’t make the mistake of thinking that digital transformation is just about technology, social media and digitised services. Technology is a tool and digital a channel. It’s your people that will truly drive the success
or failure of your strategy in this digital age.

"Digital is about people, not technology. 
It's about emotional intelligence, 
not artificial intelligence."
- Tom Bryant, Founding Director of TFB

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A successful digital skills transformation is about identifying new skill sets required, assessing capability gaps and aligning development plans to the business digital strategy.  TFB can help you to:

  • assess.

    Asess your current capability and highlight skill gaps to address.



  • evaluate.

    Evaluate new digital roles and skills required, and understand how digital is changing the skills sets of everyone else.

  • learn.

    Take maximum advantage of social and collaborative learning.


A successful digital strategy must be supported by a collaborative, agile, ‘fail-fast’ culture to accelerate your organisation’s journey. New ways of working and learning are integral to creating your workplace of the future.
TFB can help you:

  • evolve.

    Understand how digital is impacting your business processes and working practices, and define new ways of working.

  • collaborate.

    Adopt a culture of openess and collaboration that embraces, not fears, digital.

  • drive change.

    Demystify digital transformation for your C-suite and senior leaders so they can effectively sponsor and drive the change.


No organisation can succeed in the digital space without the right digital talent. Senior leadership is digitally fluent.  There is a strategy in place for attracting and retaining digital talent and a future pipeline of digital talent created. 
TFB can help you:

  • lead.

    Create Digital Leadership programmes and incorporate the right digital messages into current leadership initiatives.

  • recruit.

    Ensure you are recruiting the right skill sets through the best channels, and keep them engaged with the best development, career pathways and reward packages.

  • plan ahead.

    Design and build in-house academies, as well as graduate and apprenticeship programmes to meet your future talent needs.


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